January 03, 2017


Dear Everyone,

Happy New Year,

Before the new year 2017, we finally received all the parts for the final production. Everyone at Hult was very excited to ship Pavilion out soon, but when we had outgoing quality control for the first assembled Pavilion, the sound performance was not the same as the performance during the R&D stage. There were also high ratio of little cosmetic defects that we had to sort out. Misaligned print on wood tops and speaker fabrics needed to be redone. Our engineers and designers had series of meeting with the vendors and we came down to a conclusion to modify the copper spiral and case tooling to enhance its sound performance and improve cosmetic finishes.

D-Spiral Acoustic Enhancement

We have changed the single port to double port to meet our sound performance level with manufacture-ability and quality put into consideration. We did numerous sound test at the lab and found out using 2 spirals have the similar frequency response as our R&D Pavilion sample and we have checked the vendor can manufacture them much more closely to the dimensions and with consistency. We are revising all the tooling for the plastic parts so it can assemble with 2 tubes.

Poor Silkscreen Quality to Laser Engraved Graphic

The graphic work of first factory mass production sample was very disappointing. Also for some unknown reason the copper ring decorations were left out for the Q models. The wood tops are sent back to the factory to sand out the poor-quality silkscreen and replace the silkscreen with a Laser engraving.

Speaker Fabric Revision

The black speaker fabric came out nice. However, the white fabric quality was not as good as the black version. It is too thin that you can see the cutting mark at the back. We are currently having a meeting with the vendor to improve its appearance. 

Factory Sample Sound Test

Here is the video from the R&D office demonstrating the function and sound quality. At 1:08 shows paring 2 Pavilions for stereo pairing. The sound effect of each scenarios is also being revised by the UX designer for better sounding alarm and notification.

We were really desperate to ship all the units before the last Christmas, however, we thought sending a unfinished product would disappoint you all even more and it would ruin our Pavilion’s future. We apologize for not sharing this in advance. We thought we could solve the issue day after day, but it eventually dragged us all the way until today.

We are truly sorry about the disappointment. All members are frustrated by the fact that we are continuously breaking our promises and making excuses. We have not figured out the exact date to finish the tooling and get ready to ship out Pavilion. Our engineer and designer are currently at the factory working night and day to successfully finish Pavilion. We will rework on our schedule and comeback to you by the end of this month.



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Kaela Nelson
Kaela Nelson

May 21, 2017

I saw on kickstarter that you all were beginning to prepare shipment for the first batch of pavilions. When will the pavilions be shipped for the customers who pre-ordered? I pre-ordered 2 in september 2016 if that helps better estimate a ship date. Looking forward to finally gifting them both to my boyfriend!

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