August Production Update

September 02, 2016

Hi Everyone,

We are excited to see our parts coming to life but at the same time we have an unpleasant update to share. We regret to inform everyone that we have to postpone the shipment to November. We sincerely apologize for the shipment delay of the product. Due to irregularities in the production quality, we have decided to rework on some of the parts for the Pavilion.  

PCB Hardware/Software

<Firmware programming>

This month, we have been testing the PCB hardware and software and we found some issue with Bluetooth connection quality that needed to be improved. Our team is reworking on the drawings to improve its quality.  


<Engraved text and detail on PC part>

<Bottom PC part and concrete base assembly>

We received latest version of body parts with the improved details. There are now engraved text and graphic, which it completes the design. The size and dimension came out nicely and it fits well with the other parts.  


<Spiral tube first sample>

<Spiral tube assembly test>

The spiral tube has been the most challenging to develop on this project. Despite the fact that we carefully and precisely engineered the manufacturing jigs, the bending curve and size of the spiral tube didn’t come out as we expected. We requested a meeting with other engineers to see if we can make an improvement and revise the machine. We will be restarting copper tube production soon. 


<Pavilion speaker patent>

The patent for Pavilion is currently under an examination by the US patent office. The patent includes cylindrical speaker design with the brass spiral tube inside of transparent body and functional buttons on the top.

Once again, we apologize for the inconveniences, and would appreciate your understanding. We will make our full efforts to minimize the delay as much as possible.

Thank you,  

-Hult Team

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